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About Us

GDM Services is an up-and-coming digital marketing unit that manifests the full suite of advertising solutions. We are a team of competitive and success-driven experts whose striving for excellence is perennial. Armed with the last-word marketing trends and innovation, GDM Services assesses every brand’s ecosystem and creates a deep-rooted online presence.

GDM Services provides viable video advertising solutions to mid-market and enterprise businesses nationwide. By implementing a proprietary patent technology, our agency adds value to hard-earned advertising dollars and audience retention metrics to deliver results a client will appreciate.

We are a blue-chip marketing agency with a clear focus on programmatic video, trading desk services, and DSP solutions for all-size businesses. By harnessing data and technology, GDM Services escapes robotic marketing and builds human-centric experiences.

Creative approach & Business expertise

We are adepts of all-embracing traffic management, top-tier monetization, insightful analytics, and award-winning product promotion across popular channels. Our imaginative solutions, combined with down-to-earth services, allow us to craft personalized strategies that make any project flourish. The expertise behind GDM Services sets high standards for delivering the end product to the client. Innovation, versatility, and marketability are the pillars of our philosophy.

Our specialists will cover the full cycle of advertising marketing strategy, including campaigns’ launch and management, as well as developing web- and mobile-ready products for various industries nationwide.



We are proud to have certified Google AdWords experts in our ranks. With 5+ years of retargeting experience, we have fine-tuned the process to the extent it delivers compelling results. If you want to retain the visitors and advertise in front of the interested audience only, we are here to give you a helping hand.

Universal Reach

GDM Services is gaining insight across all the marketable video, mobile, display, and social channels that ensure pin-pointed media buying from the densely populated traffic sources. The backing of top affiliates ensures planetwide coverage and streamlined marketing performance.

High-Value Interactive Advertising

By taking on all today’s ad formats, we help you foster meaningful relationships with users. Custom-tailored interactive ads put through our self-running platform will give a powerful impetus to conversion rates and click-through rates, as well.

Disruptive Video Monetization

GDM Services acts as a middle-man for advertisers and publishers. Thanks to our next-gen private ad exchanges, we help you unleash the potential of your inventories.

Our #1 objective is to conceive and sustain long-term and productive cooperation with our clientele while helping them hit higher CPM rates.

Alongside partnership, our top managers are big on modernizing the video advertising niche by means of innovation-driven solutions and their marketability.

Managing Big Data

GDM Services is not about high-dollar marketing; we tend to help your brand tell its story and engage the audience. Our arsenal of advertising formats revolves around plain text, text-and-image mix, and rich media. By showcasing your users relevant and finely targeted advertising content, you are likely to boost your profit in a split second.

Optimized Performance

Risk prevention is a top priority of any modern digital marketing company. Discover the relevance of CPS or CPL traffic, team up with upscale publishers, and maximize your ad inventory’s value with GDM Services.

RTB Platform

The best practices of high-impact DSP’s and industry-leading ad exchanges served a prototype for our Real-Time Bidding platform. GDM Services takes pains to ensure your ads are verified, properly formatted, and streamed when intended. Let us cover your RTB side while you concentrate on your strategic goals.


Driven by the desire to automate traffic and ad inventory buys, we have created a self-running Demand-Side Platform that minimizes manual intervention and reduces your advertising costs. Reach your audience with precisely targeted ads and see tremendous revenue growth.

Brand Safety Online

Our primary focus is to leverage your earnings by refueling your ad campaigns and stimulating product development initiatives. Thanks to a thoughtful integration of available media channels, we managed to build a solid brand image protected with a suite of safety tools.


Our area of expertise centers around a suite of high-demand verticals and niches such as Social and Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Travel, Health, Social Networking, Gaming, etc. We approach niche selection with due attention and reckon on the newly-emerging market trends and our partners’ demands. As of today, GDM Services offers CPA promotion in a growing number of verticals, with the chief being as follows:

Social and Mobile Apps
Social Networking

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